Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


I first met Kate in April 2014 when she was given a voucher for a treatment by a family member.

When she arrived she was very short of breath, her lips were blue and she struggled to get to the treatment room.

Kate had a 10 year history of COPD diagnosis with constant respiratory tract infections and anti-biotic treatments as a result.

‘Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. “Progressive” means that the disease gets worse over time.’ (Healthline, 2016)

Kate had become quite weak but she was reluctant to be admitted to hospital and her family were quite worried about her as she was so out of breath that she got dizzy and had almost collapsed during a recent outing, she therefore rarely ventured too far from home any more.

When she arrived at the treatment room her lips were blue in colour as she was getting so little oxygen into her bloodstream from her lungs, and I was concerned that I may have to call an ambulance if she deteriorated any further, there was a definate risk of respiratory failure. I watched her carefully initially and eventually she settled enough to get onto the plynth and we commenced treatments after the initial consultation process.


Kate had combination treatments over the following weeks and there was noticeable difference from week one, she has not had a single chest infection from 2014 to the time of writing. (June 2017)

Kate regularly called in for healthy relaxation treatments once she started to feel better and I was so happy to hear that the respiratory clinic had discharged her after 10 years.

The doctor she saw was amazed and as the team looked at her most recent xray they stated ‘There is no COPD here!’ Kate’s Xray’s were taken to her consultant to discuss the case with him and when they returned said ‘We don’t need to see you again, You are discharged’.

Kate is a regular client nowadays, she has lost weight and is very active again.


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