Turning a Breech Baby

27th May 2017

With permission from the client (of course) I’ll talk about a pregnant woman who arrived at Ethna’s this week.

The woman in question was 39+ weeks pregnant with her second baby and was booked for a caesarian section (CS) two days later as her baby was in breech position.


Her first baby had also been breech and was delivered by  CS so she was of course quite disappointed that she would not have the opportunity to give birth naturally which is known as VBAC (Vaginal birth after casearian)

So my client arrived to Ethna’s for a treatment after a friend bought her a voucher for relaxation before the big event. I did some Reflexology and Medical Reiki and also some tricks I’ve developed over the years for helping babies to move position which can sometimes cause quite dramatic results even at this late stage.

My client was very relaxed and enjoyed the treatment and as we said goodbye I wished her best of luck for the forthcoming operation.

I was delighted to get a call from her three days later, the baby had turned!

She had felt a lot of movement both during the treatment and afterwards and also through the night. She even woke her husband up at 1am to show him the baby’s activity. She said that next day everything about her bumps shape felt different but they both dismissed any thought that the baby may now be in optimal position for birth as the hospital staff had assured them that it was too late for the baby to turn and he/she had been in the same position since 30 weeks, the same as their last pregnancy.

My client was on the operating table, drips connected, all ready to deliver and hubby gowned up when the medical team noticed that the baby had turned.

They were thankfully given the opportunity to cancel the CS. It’s so nice to hear that they are getting this unexpected opportunity. It will naturally make a big difference to the mother too, all going well, as she won’t have the six week recovery time required before you are permitted to drive again or lift any youngsters etc.



A beautiful baby boy arrived into the world yesterday  (6/6/17)   After a natural labour and birth for his delighted mum


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