Listen to a recent conversation between Eithne and her Reflexology/Reiki client Martina.
Martina explains how her treatments at Ethna’s have improved her overall health and wellbeing also how specific ailments have resolved or significantly reduced.

Read individual stories of clients experiences at Ethna’s and how their treatments have affected their lives.


Martina Louth




I started going to Ethna for Reiki when I had anxiety issues in 2013.
Ethna put me as ease right away when we first met and my Reiki treatment was the first time I had felt relaxed in a long time.
I get a treatment with Ethna every 2 weeks now and the relief it has allowed me is amazing. The only time I get anxious now is if I miss a treatment.
I can highly recommend Ethna, she is amazing at what she does and always takes time to listen to your issues and tailors every treatment to suit you.
She’s a gem!
Aoife. Ardee

I honestly can’t remember where I found Eithne’s number, probably because of baby brain, but I’m so glad I did!!!
I first started going to Eithne back in 2013 when I was pregnant with my first baby. She always gave me beautiful Reiki treatments, which my girl and I loved, to aid relaxation, and then Reflexology treatments as I progressed in pregnancy.

I can’t say enough about her. Eithne has a beautiful aura about her that instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and is so caring and helpful. I have benefited so much from having met Eithne, she is amazing at what she does, so much so I brought my first little girl to her for Reiki when she was suffering from wind and reflux at 6 weeks!

I went back to her for my Reiki and Reflexology treatments in my second pregnancy and firmly believe she had a huge impact on my wellbeing .
Also in helping me to go into labour!

I have and will continue to recommend Eithne , it’s a necessity not a luxury to look after ourselves! and an added bonus to meet a lovely lady now a friend!
Claire Co Louth

I was suffering from postnatal depression and my sister recommended Eithne. I didnt know much about  Reiki or Reflexology but I found myself at such a low point I couldn’t see the wood for the trees so I thought I would try it.
Eithne booked me in straight away.
I was down and felt very vulnerable but Eithne put me at ease straight away and didn’t judge me.
I received a Reflexology and Reiki treatment which balanced out my hormones and she reassured me that I could get through this and my feelings were not my fault.
I would highly recommend  Eithne.
After eight days I felt like I was drowning but the day after Eithne’s treatment I felt I could breath again.
Thank you Eithne you saved me.
Sarah Dundalk

In February 2015 I was feeling stressed out and having, over the years, tried alternative treatments I went looking for a Practitioner in the Dundalk area. I found Ethna’s name on the Irish Reflexologists Institute website.  I made contact and was seen very quickly, which I greatly appreciated. On my first appointment we discussed what course and type of treatment would be appropriate for me.
I had a course of Reiki, lasting four sessions,  and I felt more relaxed and calm in myself.  My stress levels were definitely lowered.
Having had alternative therapies before I did expect a lowering of my stress levels but I found that I felt calmer after my first session which was a blessing.  I was very comfortable and relaxed during my treatments always.
Since my initial course of treatment I have returned a number of times throughout the year for further one-off sessions of Reiki which I enjoy and find helpful to my overall well-being.
Ethna is a gifted Practitioner and I would, and have recommended her many times to friends and family.
Thanks again Ethna.
Jackie Dundalk

Eithne is an excellent Reiki teacher with a compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach. With her support, I have managed to arrive at the point of teaching myself. Eithne has a broad knowledge on Health from working in hospitals and studying at college to setting herself up in the field of complementary therapies. I look forward to working with Eithne again in some way soon.
Karoona Jhugaroo

I did two sessions of Reflexology and Reiki in my last month of pregnancy as I was suffering a bit with back pain and pain in my right leg and was finding it hard to get about. I found it brilliant the pain eased and I found I was much more mobile. I also found I had much more energy, slept better and wasn’t as anxious about the pending birth of my first baby. I felt calm and relaxed after the sessions and will definately be doing more.

Both my husband and I have attended EITHNE for Reiki and can not recommend her enough. I had researched as my husband consistantly suffered from migraines and after a lot of pain relief for same issue he agreed to try Reiki, as I had read about its benefits for migraine sufferers. So we arranged two appointments and my husband came out totally relaxed. He attended for sessions following this and soon noticed his migraines were happening less and less. I’m glad to say he is nearly migraine free and he believes this to be as a result of Reiki. We both lead busy lives and have stressful jobs and have both found the benefits of Reiki amazing in aiding us to tune off from work and be less stressed. Eithne herself is great, makes you feel at ease and has a lovely manner. I can not recommend Eithne and Reiki enough and advise everyone I meet with any medical complaints, sleep issues or stress to give it a go.
Thanks Eithne you deffo made a massive change in our lives and we cant thank you enough.
Triona & Bren


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As professional therapists all practitioners are aware that it is unethical to claim to cure or diagnose any illnesses. Only actual reactions are reported in clients stories and testimonials and can be verified by the clients quoted